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How to Activate McAfee Software?

If you're a replacement user and need to activate your McAfee subscription then this step-by-step guide will assist you in activating and redeeming your McAfee license:

  1. Open the online browser and attend
  2. Now confirm you select the Language and your country consistent with your location.
  3. Enter the below details:

  • The complete Activation code printed on your retail card.
  • The Email ID you would like to use.

  1. Now tap the Submit button.
  2. When prompted, make sure the entered email address is correct, and just in case you made an error in entering email, attend Edit. Correct the e-mail then select Verify.
  3. Follow the instructions mentioned on the web site to form a McAfee account to end the activation.

How to Install McAfee Software

The installation counterpart is pretty simple and only requires a couple of steps as mentioned down here:

  1. Launch your preferred browser and head to the link.
  2. Now navigate to My Account and attend Sign-In.
  3. Provide email id and McAfee account password.
  4. Next, choose the Device choice to select your computer.
  5. Choose the safety product of McAfee that you simply want to put in .
  6. Head to Download.
  7. Now Accept the EULA of McAfee security application.
  8. Note down the serial number form the web site during a safe place because we are getting to use it within the upcoming steps.
  9. Now install the software by launching the installation package file.
  10. Follow the onscreen prompts to end the installation.

How to Download and Install McAfee Software for Mobile

if you would like to safeguard your mobile devices like your smartphones and tablets using McAfee, then follow the below step:

  1. Open either Google Play Store or Apple Play Store on your Android or IOS mobile.
  2. IN the search bar type McAfee then choose the McAfee original security software.
  3. Head to put in to start the installation and download process.
  4. The program are going to be installed on its own.
  5. Now when the method completes, and you see the Open button rather than Install, it means the operation was successful.
  6. Now open the McAfee antivirus app by clicking on the Open link.
  7. Now Log in to the app together with your existing McAfee account.
  8. Now your software is prepared to be used.

How to Activate McAfee Software on Smartphone or Tablet

  1. Navigate yourself to the default internet browser of your device.
  2. Now open the link.
  3. Press on My Accounts
  4. Log in to your registered account.
  5. Head to feature Device.
  6. Now continue Mobile Device.
  7. Choose the Send Link button.
  8. Head to the Android link.
  9. Choose the subscription type.
  10. Tap on Next.
  11. Next, choose between the SMS or Email method to urge the McAfee mobile security activation code.
  12. Enter your either complete Email address or mobile number.
  13. Once the link is shipped from the location to your mobile device, check the device inbox or message for the McAfee activation link.
  14. Write the activation during a safe and separate place.
  15. Launch the McAfee app on a smartphone or tablet.
  16. Navigate to your profile picture.
  17. Now you'll see the “Got an activation code.” option then click thereon .
  18. Type the activation code that you simply received.
  19. Follow the onscreen prompts to finish the activation.


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